Acupuncture is the most commonly known Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment method in the western world.

In the concept of TCM, Meridians run over the surface and inside the body and form a network with connections and intersections. Energy – Qi – moves or circulates along these meridians. On the meridians are several hundred acupuncture points.
If the flow of energy is disturbed, then there is pain or other signs of an imbalance. By inserting acupuncture needles in certain acupuncture points the flow of energy can be stimulated, the blockage dispersed and the flow restored.

Acupuncture is most effective in case of pain caused by some form of blockage, with acute conditions or with stress. It can also disperse tension in case of stress and help relax temporarily. Regular needling is necessary for a lasting effect or improvement on chronic conditions.

If the blockage is induced by a cold sensation, moxa (special heat application) can be added to the acupuncture treatment to move Qi by warming the body.

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