Chinese doors

Ancient and modern
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient medical system. The basic principles that explain mechanisms in the body for me have a beautiful simplicity and logic. It is intriguing trying to use ancient knowledge to improve the health of people today. The classics form the basis for that. However, some things have to be seen in the context of our time.

Making people better
That is my goal. Not feeling a little better, but really improve your health issues. Acute conditions normally change fast. In chronic conditions symptoms that have been there for a long time and deserve some time to change. However, my goal is to achieve some noticeable improvements after a few treatments. With an initial positive experience the patient then can decide how to best proceed

TCM treatment is complementary to western medicine
It is helpful for me to know what examinations and treatments you already have had from your regular doctors and physicians. In some cases I will specifically ask clients to visit a traditional physician to rule out certain conditions before starting my treatment.

I also would like to know which medications and supplements you take.
I will not try to interfere with that. My treatment is complementary to your regular medical treatment. I treat your condition or side effects as it is at that moment including medication and treatment.

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