First appointment

What happens when you consult a therapist for Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine

The first time you come in with an issue, I will take a very detailed history about the complaint, other complaints you have, your body and your lifestyle. I will also do a focused physical exam.

Then I will explain my diagnosis, do a suggestion for a treatment plan and give a prognosis. After this we will start with the treatment.

An initial intake and treatment takes between an hour and an hour and a half. A follow up appointment for treatment purposes can last around 30 up to 60 minutes.

How should you prepare for your appointment?

Please wear comfortable clothes when you come in so that you can lay down on the massage and treatment table.

Massage can be done either through your clothes or using an sheet.

For acupuncture I need access to the parts of the body where the needles are placed. The rest of the body will be covered with a sheet.

Before the treatment you should have eaten a little, but not too much.

Please bring information on medication and supplements you are taking regularly at the time of the appointment. And also test results and information on treatments you have taken during the past year.

We are happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Please call or email us at (919)982-3818 or

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