One of the treatment methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Tuina, a medical massage. Tuina is pronounced twee-na and literally means push and pull. It has its origin in the martial arts. In ancient China the practitioners of Kung Fu or Taichi massaged each other’s muscle aches and bruises after their training.

TCM believes that pain occurs when there is a blockade in the free flow of energy – Qi. Tuina is effective in loosening tissue, dissolving blockades, promotes circulation and thereby eases pain.

Tuina is very effective in treating all sorts of stiffness and pain in muscles and joints. It is used for pain in the back and neck, arms and legs and for different sorts of headaches. Sometimes it can relieve pain in the digestive and reproductive organs (organ disorders). Some techniques work superficial, others reach deeper tissue. Manipulation, twisting or stretching will help to relax when parts of the body are very tense and stiff. Tuina can be carried out directly on a painful part of the body, in case of a strained muscle or a stiff neck. Besides that treating distant points and parts of the body and connecting meridians will also help the flow or circulation of energy and thereby ease pain.

To help dissolve blockages in the body the application of herbal oils or tinctures and cupping can be part of the treatment.

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